Part 2

Hey everyone!

Welcome to part 2 of this year’s book gift guide, where I’ve selected 200 books in 22 categories across 3 posts to hopefully help you find the perfect book for everyone in your life!

Below is a table of contents & a schedule of when part 3 as well as when my other non bookish gift guides will be going up!

You can find last years guide here;

And Part One here;

I hope you enjoy and wether you celebrate Christmas or not, find some new books to enjoy!

Mols x

November 1st- Part 1- Food, Crime, Middle grade, witches, anthologies, preorders & historical fiction

November 5th: Art & Shops (now rescheduled due to the fact I have a double ear infection so haven’t had time to finish the post!)

November 9th: Part 2- Retellings, coffee table books, YA, sci-fi, graphic novels, medicine & translated fiction

November 12th: Giving back

November 16th: Part 3- Horror, picture books, poetry, non fiction, mythology, lifestyle, adult & my personal favourites!


From retellings of the tempest, little red riding hood and the snow queen to collections of fairytales from around the world brought together in one beautiful book, here you’ll find a perfect gift for the fairytale lover in your life!


  1. Angela carters book of fairytales-
  2. The girl in red by Christina Henry-
  3. Miranda in Milan by Katharine Duckett-
  4. The lost fairy tales: fearless girls around the world by Isobel Otter-
  5. The little book of fairytales, Retellings and original stories-
  6. An archive of alternate endings by Lindsey Drager-
  7. My name was never Frankenstein and other classic adventure tales remixed-
  8. Power to the princess by Vita Murrow: 15 favourite fairytales retold with girl power-
  9. Robbergirl by S T Gibson-


Perhaps you have someone in your life who isn’t particularly fond of reading or prefers books that are conversation starters and can be picked up whenever, in this collection you’ll find novelty/gift and visual books on topics such as photography, badass women, the circus, crime & more!


  1. Bygone badass broads by Mackenzi Lee: 52 forgotten women who changed the world-
  2. Pocket Bowie wisdom: Witty quotes and wise words from David Bowie-
  3. The atlas of beauty by Mihaela Noroc: Women of the world in 500 portraits-
  4. Ghost towns by Chris McNab: A visual history of the mystery of lost worlds-
  5. Snapshots of dangerous women by Peter J Cohen: Vintage photographs collected from flea markets of women enjoying unconventional activities-
  6. Legendary ladies by Ann Shen: 50 goddesses to inspire and empower you-
  7. Criminal Britain: A photographic history of the country’s most notorious crimes-
  8. The circus: a visual history by Pascal Jacob-
  9. The novel cure by Ella Berthoud: An A to Z of literary remedies-


For the young adult in your life, wether they enjoy contemporary, hard hitting, fantasy, horror, magical or anything in between books, you’ll find something in this collection they’re sure to love!


  1. Full disclosure by Camryn Garrett-
  2. The paper and hearts society by Lucy Powrie-
  3. Out of Salem by Hal Schrieve-
  4. Deathless girls by Kiran Millwood Hargrave-
  5. Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw-
  6. Beyond the black door by A M Strickland-
  7. The nightjar by Deborah Hewitt-
  8. All the things we never said by Yasmin Rahman-
  9. Kings queens and in betweens by Tanya Boteju-


Wether young or old, you can’t go wrong with a graphic novel! And in this selection you’ll find rom coms, lgbtq+ history, mythology, dragons, horror, manga & more!


  1. The tea dragon festival by Katie O Neill-
  2. Bloom by Kevin Panetta-
  3. Sensible footwear by Kate Charlesworth-
  4. Jook joint by Tee Franklin-
  5. Heartstopper by Alice Oseman-
  6. The girl from the other side by Nagabe-
  7. Heathen by Natasha Alterici-
  8. House of whispers by Nalo Hopkinson-
  9. Tinder by Sally Gardner-


For the sci-fi nerd in your life, introduce them to a selection of books they perhaps haven’t heard of before! Wether it’s clockwork hearts, a community of women who can regenerate their limbs, apocalyptic disasters or riot grrrls and time travel- there’s something here for everyone’s interests!


  1. Tarnished are the stars by Rosiee Thor-
  2. Water & glass by Abi Curtis-
  3. Tiger flu by Larissa Lai-
  4. The end we start from by Megan Hunter-
  5. The future of another timeline by Annalee Newitz-
  6. A Conspiracy of stars by Olivia Cole-
  7. Trinity sight by Jennifer Givhan-
  8. False hearts by Laura Lam-
  9. Binti by Nnedi Okorafor-


If you have someone like me in your life who enjoys all things that explore wacky cures back in the day & the history of medicine (but made fun) this is the section for you!


  1. 30 second medicine by Gabrielle M Finn: The 50 crucial milestones, treatments and technologies in the history of health-
  2. Anatomicum-
  3. A history of women in medicine, from physicians to witches by Sinead Spearing-
  4. They lost their heads by Carlyn Beccia: What Happened to Washington’s Teeth, Einstein’s Brain, and Other Famous Body Parts-
  5. Quackery by Lydia Kang-
  6. This way madness lies, the asylum and beyond by Mike Jay-
  7. The mystery of the exploding teeth & other curiosities from the history of medicine by Thomas Morris-
  8. Crucial interventions by Richard Barnett-
  9. Revolting remedies from the Middle Ages by Daniel Wakelin-


I feel like unfortunately translated fiction is often an overlooked genre when in reality, it’s usually the place you’ll find the best hidden gems! Wether you enjoy dystopian tales, clones, forests, the gothic or books touching on themes of disability, violence & organ trafficking, this small selection has something for everyone!


  1. Our life in the forest by Marie Darrieussecq-
  2. The gray house by Mariam Petrosyan-
  3. Marina by Carlos Ruiz Zafon-
  4. ICO: Castle in the mist by Miyuke Miyabe-
  5. Flesh coloured dominoes by Zigmunds Skujins-
  6. The shape of bones by Daniel Galera-
  7. Little beast by Julie Demers-
  8. The melancholy of resistance by Laszlo Krasznahorkai-
  9. The beast player by Nahoko Uehashi-

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