Disabled blogger/youtuber directory (100+!!)

Hey everyone!

After the success and feedback on the lgbtq+ blogger directory I posted a few weeks ago (which you can find here; https://bibookishbabe23.wordpress.com/2019/04/17/lgbtq-blogger-youtuber-directory-100/ ) today I’m excited to be sharing the disabled blogger/youtuber directory I’ve been working on and want to thank everyone so much for helping me put this together. I feel like disabled bloggers are often forgotten in conversations about diversity and inclusion and although it’s only a small thing, I hope this post can be a step in the right direction in celebrating, promoting and uplifting disabled bloggers and what we have to say. 

I hope you enjoy scrolling through everyone’s sites and all the new content you discover! Please make sure to support everyone on this list & retweet/share with your friends!

  1. Hannah (@hannahtgirlmn); Hannah blogs about activism, fashion, eyeliner and destroying gender norms, not necessarily in that order. http://hannahmcknight.org
  1. Artie (@artiecarden_); A queer nonbinary disabled person, they/them! Blogger and YouTuber. In love with gay love stories, shouts about things that suck, and a lil bit of magic. Dogs make me cry with happiness. http://www.youtube.com/c/artiecarden
  1. Jen (@jenvcampbell); a bestselling author and award-winning poet. As someone with EEC Syndrome, she is very passionate about the representation of disfigurement in the media, and she talks about that alongside bookish discussions and a series on the history of fairy tales at http://www.youtube.com/jenvcampbell
  1. Michele (@rebelwheelsnyc); a geeky, intersectional activist & artsy, vegan, queer/bi and disabled AF human & youtuber. https://www.youtube.com/c/rebelwheelsnycshow
  1. Corey (@tgstonebutch); an autistic queer fat Jewish genderqueer writer and community activist with multiple disabilities who spends a lot of time on Twitter. http://xanwest.wordpress.com/
  1. Bex (@whensherose); They/Them. A poc queer , disabled vlogger in love with all things Disney, makeup, and representation. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyeCGsoxgvkj_WYbN0vCL5g
  1. Ally (@allyemreads); a booktuber in college that has chronic migraine, and loves Greek history, mythology and high fantasy. https://www.youtube.com/user/notanyordinarygirl
  1. Pippa (@lifeofpippa_); A Chronically ill freelance writer, Yorkshire-based theatre and book blogger, Spoonie Survival Kits founder, novelty onesie enthusiast. http://www.lifeofpippa.co.uk
  1. Abigail (@abbiec97); a disabled 21-year-old student getting her degree all while obsessing over Harry Potter and vintage style. http://abigailsanxieties.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1
  1. Delly (@dellybird); A bi, disabled, gamer girl & blogger, who loves books about identity, magic & space. I have a ‘unique hybrid heart’ & the oxygen levels of a smurf 💙 Usually found on the sofa beneath two rescue dogs. http://www.dellybird.co.uk
  1. Melanie (@bedboundbabe); a disabled multiethnic Black woman who writes about managing her love for fragrances, traveling and food with multiple disabilities, interviews other disabled/ chronically ill people and writes about disabled intersections. http://BedBoundBabe.com
  1. Fran (@franrambles); a disabled queer agender book blogger who loves diverse sff and bumblebees. http://ramblebee.home.blog
  1. Eilidh (@thatartygirl); a queer Scottish award-winning filmmaker, as well as a proud stoma-owner with a variety of rare illnesses, and four pet rats. https://www.youtube.com/c/ThatArtyGirl
  1. Annie (@annieelainey); a queer, disabled, chronically ill, Latinx Youtuber with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).  On her channel she discusses her experiences and observations through an intersectional lens and advocates for accessibility, equal rights, body positivity, and media representation for marginalized communities. http://youtube.com/theannieelainey
  1. Mik (@mikscarlet); Journalist, Presenter & Equality Consultant based in London. I’m passionate about spreading the word of the Social Model of Disability, but in an easy to understand & humourous way. I explore health, body confidence & embracing impairment. Old punk using his anger to change the world. http://mikscarlet.com
  1. Bella (@bellaojones); Bella took up blogging after she found herself struck by severe ME; if she’s well enough to read she enjoys a range of fiction and non-fiction. https://bellajones.home.blog/
  1. Lisa (@cityofyabook); A Writer, Publishing house owner, Masters student and avid reader who makes YouTube videos about books who just happens to have joints that want to do their own thing. https://www.youtube.com/user/CityOfYA
  1. Murphy (@_murphyleigh); a queer epileptic culture critic who loves monsters, mutants, and visionaries of all stripes. http://nomoremetaphors.com
  1. Jana (@candied_crows); A queer, nonbinary, and disabled Puerto Rican book blogger who owns too many plants and is on an endless search for diverse books. https://pagesamongravens.wordpress.com/
  1. Rosina (@ofpaperbacks); A Crohn’s Disease Survior with a creative mind, writing blog posts, creating art, while finding time to explore my interests in books, witchcraft, indoor plants and makeup! https://ofpaperbacksandheartbreaks.wordpress.com/
  1. Abi (@autumnpellinor); a disabled masters student who is also a blogger and youtuber, obsessed with books and love fantasy, dystopian and pov books. https://youtu.be/Lxf-bOr5m8
  1. Errol (@criptacular); a queer, disabled autistic man, activist first, videogamer and journalist second. You’ll find him in a pile of books, playing games, or helping run Game Assist! http://gameassistonline.WordPress.com
  1. Rikki (@rikkipoynter); A bisexual disabled (deaf/chronic pain/fatigued, if you wanna get specific) YouTuber, streamer, writer, and public speaker who loves kittens, pomeranians, coffee, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon! http://rikkipoynter.com
  1. Chloe (@chloeltear); an award- winning disability blogger who focuses on my experiences of having cerebral palsy and being registered as partially sighted. I enjoy writing about attitudinal barriers and other issues disabled people face on a daily basis. http://www.cpstudentblog.blogspot.co.uk
  1. Anna (@wheelygay); A disabled lesbian blogger writing book reviews, playlists and general artsy content. I spend my time between Cambridge and Milan where I can always be found in a vintage store or a coffee shop. I have an obsession for milk, big earrings and houseplants that I’ll inevitably kill. http://www.noraandluna.com 
  1. Tessa (@endalia); A writer locked up in her own body, uses words to express herself and the imaginative worlds she wants to live in. http://narratess.com
  1. Louise (@lou_nettleton); a children’s book blogger from the UK with a long term health condition. She loves middle-grade fiction and was selected as a mentee for the Write Mentor 2019 summer programme. https://bookmurmuration.wordpress.com/
  1. Becca (@pistachiobooks); a book blogger who likes queer love stories, true crime podcasts, and is obsessed with massive dogs. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCy__5EVhDTsSWQB0faU7HgA
  1. Chad & Kisstopher (@themusicks); A disabled American couple living long-term in Japan, she’s a therapist helping people have more good days, and he’s a writer of magical realism and other true stories. https://themusicksinjapan.com/
  1. Amythest (@neurowonderful); An autistic and multiply disabled artist, author, and activist whose perfect day includes a good book, cat cuddles, many mugs of tea, and a high-stakes game of D&D. https://www.youtube.com/user/neurowonderful 
  1. Sophie (@fibrogirlsoph); Disabled and a little gay, enjoys spending time with her dog and talking about Disney. http://www.sophielouwho.com
  1. Bekka (@writeabledreams); a blogger with aspergers, dyslexia and dyspraxia (which is rather ironic, considering all the reading and writing she does), she’s obsessed with sci fi and fantasy films and novels, Marvel superheroes, graphic novels, and musicals! http://writeabledreams.com
  1. Lisette (@lisette_auton); a North-East lass who does stuff with words; disabled activist, writer, poet, spoken word artist, theatre-maker and creative practitioner most often found book in hand, dog in lap, hoping to make a new freckle. https://lisetteauton.co.uk/
  1. Angie (@cmlifeblog); An editor, writer, and patient advocate living with chronic migraine, chronic daily headache, and occipital neuralgia. Inspired by my cat, native plants, and the resilience of the chronic pain community. http://chronicmigrainelife.com
  1. Alexis (@stump_kitchen); a queer disabled Video Creator who loves making tasty and easy vegan and gluten free dishes, while using her ‘stump’ (she’s missing her left hand) as a kitchen tool! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7LtoqIHyIA
  1. Stephanie (@wicked_jr89); A disabled bisexual agender booktuber and blogger in love with all kinds of books from horror to fantasy and more! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKrRV8TLtAL6nSL0W-Cs42w
  1. Lilya (@callathekitten); a queer, disabled blogger and a tiny angry Hufflepuff who loves stars, cats, and their giant unicorn plushie. https://linktr.ee/callathekitten
  1. Jan (@janlmayes); A disabled Canadian blogger and author with a gruesome imagination who enjoys quiet activism, eating cookies, needlework, deadheading, and reading, as should all right thinking people. https://www.janlmayes.com/
  1. Beth (@beth_morton); When I remember to blog, it’s about life with chronic migraine, advocacy, and doing my best to make new research and other information accessible to others with migraine. https://lynxinbio.com/fk9yd
  1. Kristen (@whykristenburns); A chronically ill blogger with a love of sci-fi/fantasy books, comics, and games, especially when paranormal creatures are involved. Maintains a list of SFF books that feature disability rep. http://blog.kristenburns.com
  1. Karly (@hikarlyjoy); a proudly disabled female blogger who loves Disney World, cats, stationary, and fighting ableism by writing about life in a wheelchair. http://karlyjoy.com
  1. Becca (@beccasbookrealm); a queer autistic blogger battling depression and anxiety and I love to lose myself in fictional words of all kinds-those in books, video games and my own imagination. https://beccasbookrealm.com/
  1. Andrea (@andrealamber); A Neurodiverse queer writer, artist, and witch. http://andreaklambert.com
  1. Japheth (@blindinphila); a blind transgender person of colour with other disabilities, focused on centering issues specific to disabled Black, brown, and transgender people. https://blindinphiladelphia.com
  1. Anniek (@anniekslibrary); a queer autistic bookstagrammer and book blogger who works as a freelance editor and devours all the books in her free time. http://anniekslibrary.wordpress.com
  1. Benn (@disabledytc); A Disabled Disney & Theme park vlogger/Disneyland Paris official Ambassador who wants to show that not only can we have just as much fun out there travelling, but actually we have MORE fun whilst providing helpful information about disabled travel! http://YouTube.com/disabled1
  1. Emma (@emmaferrierx); an ace, neurodiverse booktuber slash crazy cat lady who is likely to swear more than necessary. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdVRGk70xGtgexJZbt37M_g
  1. Inigo (@inigo_purcell): a queer disabled blogger, writer and academic based in London. He likes poems about knights, has a Masters in Medieval Literature because of this, and blogs about literature from the medieval to the very modern. http://inigopurcell.wordpress.com
  1. Holly (@lifeofablindgrl); a disability and lifestyle blogger who loves all things beauty and fashion, music (especially going to concerts) and all the usual girly stuff. https://lifeofablindgirl.com
  1. Grace (@glapointewriter); a blogger, published fiction and nonfiction writer, and SFF fan with cerebral palsy. https://gracelapointe.wordpress.com/
  1. Zipporah Arielle (@coffeespoonie); A disabled queer Jewish writer working to raise awareness and uplift the voices of marginalized communities; also loves dogs. http://www.patreon.com/coffeespoonie
  1. Stefanie (@simpson_romance); A disabled romance author and cat mom obsessed with happy ever afters and disability inclusion. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk830ixF90bsMoqhYSdqIR
  1. Cait (@chaptercviii); A bi, enby booktuber with PTSD, bipolar disorder, and ADHD who loves escaping into fantasy and science fiction when not talking about mental health or music therapy. http://youtube.com/c/chaptercviii
  1. Joey (@booksfromavirgo); A teen booktuber, dancer, writer and violinist with two autoimmune diseases who loves cats,  fantasy,  and history. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSi41Fei5dxlLGcW_TWydYA
  1. Liam (@liamodelluk); a deaf blogger and journalist with a love of theatre, politics and music. http://liamodell.com
  1. Alex (@schmirfle); A recent graduate writing about books and travelling whilst raising awareness of physical and mental health issues. http://www.schmirfle.blogspot.co.uk
  1. Georgina (@chronillicles); a disabled teen aspiring doctor making the most of her chronically ill life through Netflix, music and blogging. https://linktr.ee/chronillicles
  1. Harli (@harlivpark); a non-binary squid with schizoaffective disorder who spends most of their time more in touch with other fantastical and horrorifying worlds other than their own through YouTube and Blogging. https://thecerebralhedonist.wordpress.com/
  1. Elizabeth (@lizzylynngarcia); a disabled woman who deals with quite a few chronic conditions including (though not limited too) Hashimoto’s Disease and Fibromyalgia. I am also an editor and the social media manager for @ButWhyThoPC where I primarily write about comics and games. My writing tends to heavily focus on how media impacts me as a disabled woman. http://bit.ly/BWTLizzy
  1. Alice; a queer, chronically ill 20-something enby who writes about how chronic illness intersects with their life. https://2019cogitationes.wordpress.com/
  1. Kevin & co (@onelilpill); We’re a 8 people collective with Dissociative Identity Disorder. We love making art and listening to a variety of music. Our musical tastes and artistic ability and style vary amongst parts. We love house plants, learning new things and making friends! http://kevinnco.ca
  1. Rogan (@shan_no_nosays); A deaf queer YouTuber that LOVES reading, talking about ASL and linguistics, and all things queer! https://www.youtube.com/roganshannon13
  1. Meli (@sillyhead); a Jewish queer disabled weirdo sorting out their relationship with gender, health, activism, and community spaces. https://terribly.online/
  1. Jen (@thefrznmind); A Jesus loving, Chronic Migraine hating blogger who tries to spread knowledge about Chronic Illness and Mental Health. https://thefrozenmind.com
  1. Cayla (@its_caylawithac); My name is Cayla, and I am legally blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. I hope to educate the world about blindness and disability. http://YouTube.com/CaylawithaC
  1. Chris (@memyselfandcp); In 2017 I went back to therapy to explore my disability identity – a year later my blog was born.  I write about CP, mental health, personal identity and how these things intertwine in our culture.  Bring comments, bring nuance, bring wine. https://memyselfanddisability.wordpress.com/
  1. Olivia (@oliviasarah27); a gay and disabled YouTuber who loves math and cats, and I am just out here trying my best. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYsYDEMu996p1rBm1-2Qq5A?view_as=subscriber
  1. Evan (@ipiluni); When a late #actuallyautistic diagnosis shattered @Ipiluni’s perception of a “normal” life, she moved to Hollywood to chase her passions and her dreams! https://ipiluni.com/
  1. Devin (@excelxiors); a queer & disabled classical soprano who loves all things musical theatre and opera. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjaIJQ7uLEo7Sknse5jn8lQ
  1. Ellen (@ellen__jones); A writer, digital creative and activist whose work focusses on LGBTQ+ rights, mental health & disability. Can usually be found perfecting her eyeliner. https://www.youtube.com/user/needforcaffeine
  1. Kylie (@thehorriblestg1); a bipolar chick who tries my hardest to remain level day in and day out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSxJyIsBPSYhbWjDdyRDXwQ
  1. Nicki (@snumpus); A UK blogger, RA sufferer, and fan of all things bookish, especially speculative and literary fiction. https://bookette.net/
  1. Taylor (@taywilsoncx); a disabled book blogger who makes bracelets with an associates in social science. https://taysinfinitethoughts.wordpress.com
  1. Angela (@blondeboooks); A booktube newbie with cp who loves horses and books. https://www.youtube.com/c/BlondeBooks
  1. Sarah (@fromsarahlex); A Plus size disability and lifestyle blogger, freelance writer and professional puppy cuddler. http://fromsarahlex.com
  1. Jim (@jimwhalen17); Blind guitar player lover of lyrics Seeker of processes that bring peace and joy.  On the verge of approaching life with curiosity instead of fear http://peacenjoy819.blogspot.com/
  1. Avery (@redrocketpanda); a disabled queer transmasc/genderqueer book blogger who loves all things video games, books, science fiction & animals. https://redrocketpanda.com/
  1. Amy (@goldenbooksgirl); a teen blogger from Scotland with a genetic condition who loves dogs, is obsessed with MG books and loves a good YA romance and blogs about other passions such as music, TV and film too. https://goldenbooksgirl.wordpress.com
  1. Liz (@untonuggan); A queer disabled/chronically ill/neurodivergent blogger who serves two feline overlords. https://liminalnest.wordpress.com/
  1. Imogen (@imogentypes); A queer chronically ill blogger who wants to read every genre all at once and cuddle every cat in Britain. http://www.imogenstypewriter.co.uk
  1. Alyx (@autiedragon); a queer, disabled blogger with a cat and Disney obsession…and I should probably include how much I read in that somewhere too 😂 http://crankyautistic.wordpress.co
  1. Zoe (@zcollins1994); a disabled and proud blogger & vlogger; obsessed with books, theatre & Jamie Muscato. https://linktr.ee/zoecollins1994
  1. Stevie (@stevieboebi); Stevie makes queer, educational, and sex-positive videos about sex, dating, and relationships. Stevie is chronically ill and has recently been talking more about disability and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. http://www.youtube.com/Stevie
  1. Ana (@anamardoll); a writer and activist who lives in the dusty Texas wilderness with two spoiled cats. Xer favorite employment is weaving new tellings of old fairy tales, fashioning beautiful creations to bring comfort on cold nights. Xie is the author of the Earthside series, the Rewoven Tales novels, and several short stories. http://www.anamardoll.com
  1. Anna (@annafrancesca); a disabled youtube/booktube content creator who loves everything about books, has a passion for music – singing, playing the piano and composing, always creating, can be found most days curled up with my dogs, a book and music… ME! being a current favourite. https://linktr.ee/annafrancesca
  1. Jo (@cupcake_77) ; A Disabled British blogger. Cerebral Palsy, Fibro, Pernicious Anaemia & BPD. Always tired! Daydreamer. Nerdy. List maker. INFJ. Weather geek. I take far too many photographs. Often found stargazing, reading and eating sweets. http://walktothestars.blogspot.com/
  1. Stephanie (@wicked_jr89); A disabled bisexual agender female booktuber and blogger in love with all kinds of books from horror to fantasy and more! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKrRV8TLtAL6nSL0W-Cs42w
  1. Sara/Bloo (@bloonstuff); A queer, disabled blogger and YouTuber. They’re a lover of animals, books, arts and crafts and cover an eclectic mix of topics and interests. Including their life, hobbies and living with Myopathy! https://linktr.ee/bloonstuff
  1. JJ (@everthecrafter); A queer, chronically ill and autistic blogger who loves reading and writing diverse SFF and YA. http://www.everthecrafter.wordpress.com
  1. Sally (@stripylightCIC); Awesome M.E patient who blogs about M.E/C.F.S to tackle the stigma and lack of awareness of the global health crisis. http://mefoggydog.org . http://www.stripylightbulb.com
  1. Sage @pchikxxn; a queer, disabled content creator on youtube who is obsessed with the creative arts, mental health and fashion. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEPuPc2CgFIJ-E8mRsyHQaQ
  1. Mindfully Evie; A twenty something year old blogging from her bed about mindfulness and chronic illness. https://mindfullyevie.com
  1. Sophie pang; A chronically ill beauty and skin care blogger. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo2Q0gsVVVHypqf4uMGqoWA
  1. Wendy (@whatthelogsaid); a bisexual book blogger who is always looking for narratives that celebrate queerness in all of its forms. She also looks for representation of mental health conditions. http://mindthepage.home.blog 
  1. Annie (@thymeannie); loves to chat about old movies and tv shows, crafting (especially crochet), & whatever else is currently has my attention. Disabled. Canadian. Map lover. Former swimmer. Judi Dench wannabe. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1QJ0h8Q9166dcZp_fkukdA
  1. Becky (@remusreads); A pansexual disabled bookworm with an intense passion for illustration, creativity and devouring books. I’m a passionate book blogger with an adoration for escaping the real word into the comfort of a blanket of pages and words. http://remusreads.co
  1. Mani (@manisbookcorner); A book crazy disabled book blogger who loves everything book related and who loves to crochet and be creative when I can. http://www.manisbookcornerblog.wordpress.com
  1. Hiro (@hirokonishimura); A disabled New Yorker on a mission to explore the intersection of technology, education, and disability to help others find ways to explore their potentials as she has. Https://twistedpaths.org
  1. Patricia (@patricialwatts); A disabled woman who loves to blog about everything from accessible fashion to the British Royal Family … just like with real life you never know what you’re going to find on this site. http://PatriciaLWatts.com
  1. nat (@ignatiusweeks); A Chronically and mentally ill, genderqueer, impoverished activist and artist who writes and advises about these things. Also into public health activism (harm reduction, sex ed), environmentalism, textiles, (trans) history, DIY and other arts and crafts. http://medium.com/@ignatiusweeks
  1. Jordyn (@jordyn72758776); a disabled blogger with mental health conditions: I take great pleasure in smelling books, watching medical documentaries, being sarcastic, and empowering others. http://thechronicallyunimaginable.blog
  1. Molly (@bibookishbabe); A queer disabled book blogger obsessed with female villains, botany, magic, folklore, witches, medical history, the Victorian era & books about all of the above! https://bibookishbabe23.wordpress.com

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