LGBTQ+ Writers Wanted

Hey guys! 

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I’m currently in the process of creating an anthology of fictional short stories based on the lives of real lgbtq+ women from history. 

I’m so excited for this project and it’s shaping up to be amazing so far, with 11 authors already confirmed and some more big names interested!

Although it’s super exciting to have big published authors contributing, I’d love to also give some space in the anthology to unpublished or smaller lgbtq+ writers! So if you are a writer and you’d like a chance to be included in this anthology (& paid for your work!) please email me your short stories by November 5th. I’ll leave my email and more info below!

  • Email your submissions to by November 5th with the subject ‘Submission’
  • Female & non binary writers and writers who identify as lgbtq+ are preferred and will be prioritised 
  • Short stories must be 2,500 words maximum
  • Please don’t worry if you’ve never been published before or feel you don’t have enough experience, stories will be chosen based purely on the quality of writing & wether they’d fit well in the anthology!
  • Stories must be based on a woman from history, not present. Some examples of women already being written about for this collection include Elagabalus & Sappho. 
  • The anthology will be aimed at around 14 year olds upwards so please no super explicit sex etc 
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me or message me on twitter @bibookishbabe
  • There is no guarantee your story will be chosen for the collection, I’ll be choosing around 3 or 4! 

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with and please feel free to share this blog post with any lgbtq+ writers or friends you think may be interested in submitting a story!! 

M xx


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