LGBTQ+ Blogger/Youtuber Directory (100+!!)

Hey guys!

Today I’m SO excited to be sharing the lgbtq+ blogger/youtuber directory I’ve been working on and want to thank everyone so much for helping me put this list together and bringing your favourite creators to my attention. I wanted to put this post together for 4 main reasons…

  • 1. So LGBTQ+ creators can find, support and connect with eachother 
  • 2. So publicists and self published authors could have a place to find LGBTQ+ book reviewers
  • 3. To celebrate and uplift the voices of LGBTQ+ creators
  • 4. I asked everyone on this list to send me a sentence they felt best represented them and I hope that we can all find some new friends and people with similar interests!

I hope you enjoy scrolling through everyone’s sites and all the new content you discover! Please make sure to support everyone on this list & retweet/share with your friends!

  1. Molly (@bibookishbabe); A queer disabled book blogger obsessed with female villains, botany, magic, folklore, witches, medical history, the Victorian era & books about all of the above! 
  1. Rocky (@blondewithab00k); a queer, white Latina booktuber and writer who loves sprayed edges and YA, especially contemporary.
  1. Whitney (@ADSOwhitney); A queer BookTuber with a not-so-secret passion for writing about Magic, Creepy forests, and monsters.
  1. Sam (@sleepysamreads); a disabled lesbian blogger who reads and blogs when not studying to become a mortician.
  1. Lauren (@northernplunder); a twenty-something bi & ace blogger with a love for vampires and all things magical. ready to explore new worlds with books that are fantasy, horror, or scifi. est 2011.
  1. Chelsea (@booksrobin); Chelsea considers herself an absolute mess of a biromantic queer human being who likes to deep dive into fantasy worlds, reads far too much romanace manga, and truly loves sipping tea while watching characters loath each other until they make out.
  1. Adriana (@perpetualpages); a queer, non-binary Mexican-American book reviewer who advocates for marginalized voices, books that celebrate the Latinx community, and stories that are undeniably authentic.
  1. Clo (@eloisethewriter); A bisexual teen blogger whose a book dragon, addicted to tea and fluent in sarcasm; her TBR will murder her one day.
  1. Louise (@foxesfairytale); a bisexual blogger with a love for magic of all sorts: from fairytale retellings to hardboiled urban-fantasy detectives.
  1. Bradley (@bradleybirkholz); an LGBT+ activist and creator writing about my travels and thoughts, as well as producing weekly content for my YouTube channel.
  1. Anna (@readingpeaches); A polish lesbian in her twenties, obsessed with sunsets, sapphic girls getting happy endings & gay poetry.
  1. Elliott (@elliottdunstan); A cheery goth librarian and poet, enthusiastic about trans rights, library ethics and diverse histories.
  1. Avery (@redrocketpanda); a disabled queer transmasc/genderqueer book blogger who loves all things video games, books, science fiction & animals.
  1. Cande (@iamrainbou); A Latinx bisexual blogger that lives between Romance and YA books. A stan of everything gay and/or Latinx.
  1. Jen (@medievaljenga); a bisexual, non-binary, librarian, writer, blogger, and YouTuber. A massive troublemaker who spends all her time working with books, writing books, or talking about books. Occasionally does gardening and eats cake too.
  1. Fadwa (@wordwoonders); a Black Muslim queer medstudent who spends the majority of her time outside of the hospital reading or blogging. She loves books that leave her sobbing well into the night, romances that make her daydream and neuroscience.
  1. Destiny (@howlinglibrary); A bi blogger/librarian in endless search of queer horror, witchy rep, and soft gay kids finding their happy endings.
  1. Eloise (@eloisewrites); A queer blogger in love with reading, musicals and history who prefers the romance she reads to be very sweet and incredibly gay.
  1. Lauren (@lvhurrell); femme lesbian writer blogging on all things queer, literary, cinematic, 80s pop and living in london, and currently trying to write a novel.
  1. India (@genderpunksap); a queer nonbinary writer, poet and YouTuber, currently trying to show how diverse the nonbinary community really is both through their videos and an anthology of art and writing.
  1. Sarah (@sarahastolat); a bisexual blogger and witch based in London and obsessed with YA fantasy, horror, f/f love stories and the occult.
  1. LaRonda (@larondaxcm); a black, anxious, a-spec teen blogger who drinks too much coffee and doesn’t sleep enough.
  1. Esme; a bi girl with a feminist agenda desperately searching for rep in any genre but especially loving contemporary ya & na, time travel and the classics.
  1. Jessi (@bibliojessi); A bisexual college student obsessed with writing, corgis, and books about love.
  1. Vanessa (@vynexareads); a queer Cuban booktuber who stans An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, wants to be best friends with Leigh Bardugo and is a dog mom to the biggest 80lbs fur baby.
  1. Lili (@utopiamind); a demisexual blogger who focuses on books on other planets, with magical quests, and mermaids.
  1. Jemma; A plus size, pansexual book blogger, mother, wife, writer and avid cardigan enthusiast who loves Dungeons and Dragons, YA Sci-fi, fantasy and enemies to lovers.
  1. Jack (@jthbooks1); a gay book blogger, who’s love for reading saved his life, and opened a whole new world.
  1. Kathy (@kathytrithardt); a bi/demi/gray BookTuber from Canada who always has at least a couple books on the go and cannot resist packing too many books when traveling.
  1. Anniek (@anniekslibrary); a queer autistic bookstagrammer and book blogger who works as a freelance editor and devours all the books in her free time.
  1. Stephanie (@wicked_jr89); a bisexual disabled woman booktuber in love with horror, contemporary, fantasy, and really any genre because books.
  1. Kat (@bookaholiclizzy); a gay black woman  with a love for books about pirates, heists and female assassins.
  1. Chloe (@chloesmusings); a disaster bi blogger and greek myth enthusiast, one who divides her free time between holding court with castle ghosts and working on the endless novel.
  1. Delly (@dellybird); A bi, disabled, gamer girl & blogger, who loves books about identity, magic, fantastical creatures & space.
  1. Asha (@cat_book_tea); A bi bookworm with a big cat and a love of witches, fairy tales, and etiquette, always looking for queer romances in fantasy.
  1. Alice (@marriedtobooks3); A Queer girl obsessed with beautiful love stories, time travelling history and dragons.
  1. Lily (@lilyellereads); a queer gal who loves hard hitting contemporaries (ideally with a touch of magic), memoirs, speculative, dystopian, and who dabbles in SFF. Particularly partial to all things including witches, space, found families and slow-burn romances.
  1. Joy (@sunkisscribbles); a lesbian book blogger who enjoys writing about books in various genres including LGBTQ+, YA, chicklit and biographies, as well as the women of WWE and my favourites in pop culture.
  1. Silvia (@verelaurent); an Italian bi book blogger who loves books, cats, science and singing, and has been known to never have gone one day of her life without drinking tea.
  1. Kate (@katelovescolour); A queer book blogger, who loves fantasy and YA novels, linguistics, K-dramas, anime, and vegan food. Full-time ADSOM stan. Has been known to make a 10/10 cup of tea.
  1. Justina (@everythingjh); a lesbian teen book blogger who loves musicals, books, space, and anything gay.
  1. Sarah & Sophie (@TLCCblog); A bi & pan best friend blogger team supporting LGBTQ+ and diverse YA fiction of all kinds! Obsessed with books, tea and cute cafes to drink tea and read in.
  1. Crystal (@bookwyrm_the); A chaotic bisexual writing the epic queer SFF I’ve desperately wanted.
  1. Taylor Tracy (@tayberryjelly); a 24 yo ace blogger and MG/YA writer who loves baking, musicals, the ocean and good mental health representation.
  1. Nita (@nitapanwrites); a bi writer obsessed with Anne Frank, magic, and the twisty fantastical bits of history.
  1. Yuli (@yuliatta1); an ace booktuber who LOVES big high fantasy books. My hair isn’t straight and neither am I.
  1. Jamie (@booksandladders); A bisexual blogger who is more obsessed with aliens than Mulder and until she’s abducted by one, she’ll keep reading about them in books.
  1. Kathy (@booksandmunches); a bisexual, twenty-something, spaghetti-addicted mom, in love with anything fluffy and fantasy-related.
  1. Faith (@geekyzoogirl); A bisexual book blogger who is training to be a teacher, Faith is a lover of dragons, anti-heroes and sci-fi and fantasy to get lost in.
  1. Becky (@remusreads); A pansexual disabled bookworm with an intense passion for illustration, creativity and devouring books. I’m a passionate book blogger with an adoration for escaping the real word into the comfort of a blanket of pages and words.
  1. Imogen (@imogentypes); A queer disabled blogger who wants to read every genre all at once and cuddle every cat in Britain.
  1. Sara (@sarawezzie); Sara Westrop is passionate about making history accessible (and fun!) for everyone. A disabled, queer writer from just outside London, who loves writing about the unsung chapters of history.
  1. Matt (@mattdoylemedia); A pansexual/genderfluid author and pop culture blogger, focusing on diversity and the positives of anime, books, comics, gaming, and speculative fiction.
  1. Wendy (@whatthelogsaid); a bisexual book blogger who is always looking for narratives that celebrate queerness in all of its forms. She also looks for representation of mental health conditions. 
  1. Meg (@mxg_hxrris); a sapphic ya book blogger with a love for psychology, cats, and animal crossing.
  1. Elizabeth (@tiny_narrative); a queer writer who runs the tiny narrative, a bi-monthly newsletter for narrative obsessives.
  1. Lauren (@superlaurenlove); A bisexual coffee and country music lover who is obsessed with all things bookish. Secretly a mermaid.
  1. Kristie (@lostinea); (she/her) a disabled Canadian bisexual disaster who resembles more like Wednesday Addams as days go by. I love reading about gothic horror, fantasy, witches and historical fiction and books with bisexuality representation. I am weak for books about villains and morally grey characters.
  1. Sam (@ramblingbooks); an LGBT+ book blogger who loves cats and reading, possibly with a candle lit. Ambiance is everything.
  1. Jamieson (@jamishelves); a twenty year old bisexual blogger from Australia. She is studying English Literature and International Relations at university but fills up her free time blogging about all sorts of books from classics to contemporary YA.
  1. Meg and or Vic (anarmandameg); A queer af teen blogger who has a thing with books and book cover design.
  1. Bayy (@bayy_2455); a queer, future librarian obsessed with magical realism, Jen Bennet romances, succulents, cats, and sometimes posting on my blog.
  1. Avery (@bookdeviant); a 19 year old book blogger, reviewer, and writer who talks about and promotes diverse books.
  1. Chloe (@theelvenqueen); a teen, bi/queer, blogger who loves fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary and everything in between.
  1. Santiago and Satou (@inkishkingdoms); This kingdom has two kings. A king who is obsessed with monarchy’s blue blood stories; whereas the other king is focused on increasing without measure the TBR while still trying to read more than what he buys! We go from historical fiction to LGBTQ+ titles, to turn around dystopian and landing in any kind fiction and fantasy! Saving the Earth, not only middle earth, is part of our daily goals!
  1. Bee (@bookishpisces); A Non-Binary Book Blogger & Booktuber That loves poetry, science fiction, and contemporary romance.
  1. Alyx (@autiedragon); a queer, disabled blogger with a cat, reading and Disney obsession.
  1. Nicky (@nickyoflaherty); a super queer, disabled blogger enthralled by tattoos, puppies, cute people, and who loves reading a good romance and strives to promote and support across all marginalizations.
  1. Laina (@lainasparetime); a fat aroace blogger who talks a lot about Anne of Green Gables and drinks a lot of tea.
  1. Mari (@musingsofagirl); a bisexual book blogger filled with anxiety that loves realistic fiction that’s heartfelt and emotional while focusing on themes regarding mental health, family, and LGBTQIA+ stories.
  1. Faye (@daydreamin_star); An asexual twenty-something blogger with OCD, Anxiety and Depression, blogging about books of all genres as an avid and varied reader.
  1. Crimson (@readatnight00); Genderfluid and pansexual, Crimson is a multi-content blogger who loves all books, the fantasy genre, stationary, crying over cute things, and spreading love and awareness to as much as the blogosphere community as they can get their greedy hands on!
  1. Rebecca (@cheaprhyme); a queer northern woman who likes kitchen sink drama and kitsch.
  1. Jess (@jwmchen); a queer chinese blogger who loves books a bit too much.
  1. Nat (@paperbacknat); a queer latinx blogger who yells about diverse books and about her ever-growing TBR list.
  1. Manon (@moandh); a queer, feminist slytherin who loves books and TV shows more than anything else. Reads mostly YA but not only and any genre from Sci-Fi to Mystery but also contemporary, Fantasy or romance.
  1. Sophie (@fibrogirlsoph); Disabled and a little gay, blogging about everything from Disney to dogs. 
  1. Sarah (@lostinthelando1); A Lesbian blogger of most genres particularly thrillers, crime and physiological books venturing into the world of YA and trying to find more LGBTQ books to read. Also bringing my son up to learn Love is Love.
  1. Kris (@a_bookish_dream); A bisexual, chronically ill writer and blogger who loves anime, ya fantasy, science fiction, and all things cosplay. 
  1. Alex (@aalexlogan); a queer librarian who loves reading, writing, and soccer.
  1. Rachel (@gracefulmasking); a queer autistic blogger and self-advocate who loves to read and write fantasy and science fiction and draws on occassion.
  1. Ellyn (@allonsythornrax); An Ace hearing-impaired teen obsessed with magical realism, fantasy & hard hitting contemporaries.
  1. Rachel (@bookamania); a lesbian book blogger in her early twenties who loves fantasy, dragons and anything with cute f/f romance.
  1. Erin (@bookworm_blue); Erin (she/her) is a thirty-something queer (demipansexual) book blogger from Canada who loves all books, but especially fantasy, horror, and historical fiction. She is chronically ill, a wife, and a dog mom, and when she isn’t reading she can be found playing video games or doing makeup.
  1. Liza (@duskangelreads); an Aussie Book Blogger, Lifeguard, Beauty Therapist, Automotive Photographer & animal lover.
  1. Michelle (@michelle__reads); a bisexual blogger, fluent in English, Dutch, sarcasm and sass who protects bats and other animals when she’s not blogging about ya fantasy, sci-fi and contemporary books.
  1. Lilya (@callathekitten); a queer, disabled blogger and a tiny angry Hufflepuff who loves stars, cats, and their giant unicorn plushie.
  1. Amy (@bookish_heights); a 21-year-old book blogger with a passion for diverse books, especially books with LGBTQ+ characters! I want everyone to be represented in literature, so my aim is to hype up as many diverse books as possible! I love fantasy, romance, faeries and witches.
  1. Louise (@littlefoolreads); a little [lesbian] fool sharing insights into her bookshelves.
  1. Lizzy (@lizzycreative); A queer 20-something book blogger, Elizabeth eats far too many strawberries, is crazy about history, talks about politics and Hamilton non-stop, and spends all her extra time writing.
  1. Ellen (@ellen__jones); A writer, digital creative and activist whose work focusses on LGBTQ+ rights, mental health & disability. Can usually be found perfecting her eyeliner.
  1. Nelo (@booked_unicorn); The first time I felt represented was reading about a black bisexual girl working at the library in Claire Khanns Lets talk about love.
  1. Kirsty (@smearedeyes); A pansexual 25 year old who doesn’t know where they’re going in life so reads a lot of fantasy and contemporary to hide from it.
  1. Ben (@bookswithben); A 20-something bibliophile obsessed with everything queer, nerdy and musical.
  1. Kirstin (@gryffindorkw); A queer Canadian who reads too many books and drinks too many hot beverages.
  1. Rhian Rosen Beam (@rhianbeam); a nonbinary genderflux person with two cats and a love of strong poetry. My blog Nonbinary Birds is a personal project for representation and community for nonbinary folks everywhere and those finding who they are on the gender spectrum.
  1. Cass (@frommyshelves); A non-binary masters of social work student that lives for contemporary reads that teach me about the world and enjoys comic books that allow them to escape into a vastly different world.
  1. Shon (@jellysonata); A full-time book dragon, part-time scientist with an unhealthy love for food, puppies, and girls who could own you in a fight.
  1. Lydia (@torontolydia); a bisexual sci-fi author and blogger who loves lifting weights and playing board games.
  1. Alex (@puckspaperbacks); a trans guy who hypes up underrated queer & contemporary novels on his YouTube channel.
  1. Meagan (@meagan_lambert); a bisexual writer, lover of fiction, nature, animals, and buyer of too many books.
  1. Laura (@laurabookcorps); A bisexual editor, blogger and writer from Melbourne, Australia, who likes Ancient Greek and Roman mythology, unsolved mysteries, and travelling.
  1. Filipe (@filipeheath); a queer student that lives for cute guys, young adult books & modelling.
  1. Sarah (@sarahrhatch); a biromantic asexual blogger and booktuber who’s obsessed with coffee, Queen Victoria Schwab, and fluffy queer contemporaries.
  1. Moog (@moogflorin); A lesbian nerd surrounded by books, v pro queer romance, ghosts, and making your own space wonderful, who always wants to see pictures of your dog.
  1. Elke (@madebyberoyal); a bi/queer, disabled and mentality ill book-hyper, forever in love with all books that break my heart or make my fists curl, ready to fight.
  1. Kait (@sixcrowsbooks); A pan/ace book blogger who loves audiobooks and anything to do with fantasy, dragons, and finding all the books with queer characters.
  1. Camilla (@readerattic); An italian blogger who happens to be asexual, a bit romantically uncertain,  well versed in writing fantasy stuff and being a INTP. Also will fight you over italian food.
  1. Becca (@beccasbookrealm); A bisexual, demi, polyam, autistic nerd with a love for video games, cats, Mexican food and love stories in all genres.
  1. Savvy (@savvy_book); A queer enby teen book blogger who loves enemies/rivals to lovers tropes, sassy characters,  and stories that tear you apart way to much.
  1. Casey (@canlesbrarian); A bisexual writer and librarian who loves cats, libraries, queer Canadian lit, drinking tea and books written by women.

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