O.W.L.s Magical Readathon TBR

Hey guys! I think this readathon started on April 1st so as usual, I’m late to the party😂 But I only decided yesterday that I wanted to try & take part so here is my TBR list of books I’m planning to read & their corresponding O.W.L subjects!! This readathon was created by G over at Book Roast & is inspired by the O.W.L exams from the Harry Potter series! You can find more information about it by watching her announcement video here; https://youtu.be/9rGms143TF0 or following the twitter account @magicalreadthn

⭐️ Arithmacy- read a book with a number in the title or on the cover; Goldie Vance volume 2- Okay so I don’t know if this technically counts as a number on the cover (??) but this is the only book I own with a number featured & I’ve been waiting to read this graphic novel so now is the perfect excuse to pick it up!

⭐️ Astronomy- read a science fiction novel; Shattered minds by Laura Lam- I read the first book in this series back in February & loved it so I can’t wait to pick up this one!

⭐️ Care of magical creatures- read a book that includes mythical creatures or features them on the cover; Unicorn tracks by Julia Ember- I’ve been seeing so many people recommend this on twitter! It features mythical creatures (including unicorns!!) as well as lgbtq+ characters which sounds fab!!

⭐️ Charms- read a fantasy book; The wicked deep by Shea Ernshaw- I’m not the biggest fantasy lover but luckily I received this book in a subscription box & am yet to read it😉 It features witches & is set by the sea which is just up my street 😻🌊

⭐️ Herbology – read a book with a nature themed word in the title; She of the mountains by Vivek Shraya- This illustrated novel tells the story of a mans relationship with his body & re imagines Hindu mythology.

⭐️ History of magic- read a historical fiction book; Silhouette of a sparrow by Molly Beth Griffin- This book is set in the 1920’s & tells the story of a young girl who begins a secret relationship with a flapper.

⭐️ Muggle studies- read a muggle non fiction book; Our zoo by June mottershead- I bought this book second hand for like £1 months ago & keep forgetting I own it!! It tells the story of June’s life growing up around Chester zoo & the animals there!

⭐️ Transfiguration- read a book that deals with shape shifting or has a cat on the cover; Eelgrass by Tori Curtis Smith- I already started reading this before deciding to take part in this readathon so I don’t know if it’s kind of cheating😂🙈 But the main characters are selkies who transform by putting on their sealskins!

This is my first time participating in a readathon so I’m really excited to get started & see what everyone else chooses to read! I’ll be posting a wrap up at the end of April giving mini reviews on each of these books too!

M xx

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