Creator Spotlight; Daria Lapto

Hey guys! I’m excited to be posting the first in a series of creator spotlight posts today! These posts will focus on interviewing and finding out more about some of my favourite artists and makers and hopefully bring your attention to some creative people you may not have seen before!  First up we have Daria … Continue reading Creator Spotlight; Daria Lapto


Book Haul + mini reviews

Hey guys! I haven’t been able to post or review books as regularly as I’d like to/should be which I feel really guilty about but my health hasn’t been great at the moment so I’ve been focusing on that! But today I’m back with a December/January/February book haul and some mini reviews and I actually … Continue reading Book Haul + mini reviews

Best of 2018; Books, TV, music, youtube & shops!

For today’s post I’m going to be sharing my favourite things of 2018 including; 18 books, 10 tv shows, 5 albums, 6 youtubers, 5 booktubers & 14 shops. I’ll keep the intro short as this post is super long but I hope you enjoy and happy new year!!  BOOKS; Not even bones by Rebecca shaeffer; … Continue reading Best of 2018; Books, TV, music, youtube & shops!

Part 9; Fiction and uncategorised

Hey guys and welcome to the 9th and final part of my 2019 releases guides!! This part will be focusing on fiction and also books I missed out of previous parts due to only just hearing about them! At around 2pm UK time today i’ll also be posting another post with details on 2 giveaways … Continue reading Part 9; Fiction and uncategorised

Part 8; Short story collections, anthologies, poetry & essays

Hey guys! Today I’m back with the 8th part of my 2019 releases, this time focusing on short story collections, anthologies, poetry & essays. Tomorrow I’ll be uploading the final part + a giveaway! Hope you enjoy... Proud edited by Juno Dawson; A bold anthology of stories and poetry by top LGBTQ+ YA authors and … Continue reading Part 8; Short story collections, anthologies, poetry & essays

Part 7; Graphic Novels & Comics

Hey guys, I’ll keep this intro short but today’s post is part 7 of my 2019 release guides focusing this time on...graphic novels!! There’s 53 on this list so I hope you enjoy!! Hot comb by Ebony Flowers; A poignant glimpse into black women’s lives through coming of age stories as seen across a crowded, … Continue reading Part 7; Graphic Novels & Comics